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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Washington Times Ranks Gophers 80th in Preseason Poll

Ah the beauty of meaningless preseason polls, we now have something to get fans to experience a wide range of emotions spanning elation to enraged. Unless of course the fan base has already entered the dangerous doldrums of complete apathy. The Washington Times is doing their annual countdown ranking of all the D1 schools and the Minnesota Gophers find themselves ranked #80 out of 124 teams. It is interesting to note, the Gophers are actually ranked behind non conference opponent Western Michigan who finds themselves at #76 in the countdown. There are 68 teams in the "BCS" conferences, so essentially this poll ranks the Gophers as close to the worst BCS conference team. The only BCS conference teams to rank lower than the Gophers are:

Indiana #95
Kansas #91
Colorado #90
Kentucky #88
Boston College #85
Temple #82

In theory, this puts the Gophers as underdogs in every game except the opener against UNLV and FCS opponent New Hampshire. Call me a biased Gopher fan, but if we are going to rank on projected 2012 performance I believe this ranking is low. The fatal flaw with most preseason polls is the exaggerated emphasis placed on prior seasons performances. There is no doubt the Gophers will be an improved team heading into Year 2 of the Jerry Kill era.

Other notable facts:

Gophers Opening Week opponent UNLV ranked #115

Big Ten the only BCS conference to have two teams ranked 80th or lower.

19 "non BCS" schools ranked ahead of the Gophers

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