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Return to Glory

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Overall view of the Legends Division in 2012

I have now finished analyzing how I see the entire Legends division shaking out this year. The final results are as follows:

Legends Division Conference Record:
Nebraska      7-1
Michigan       7-1 but lost to Nebraska head to head
Michigan St.  6-2
Minnesota      3-5
Iowa              2-6
Northwestern 2-6

I think there is little dispute that the three heavyweights in the Legends division are Nebraska, Michigan and Michigan St. Those three teams will beat up on each other and essentially who does the best in this three way "round robin" will probably be claiming the spot in the conference championship. Nebraska has the slimmest margin for error as they have the 3 brutal crossover games of Wisconsin, Ohio St. and Penn St. Michigan St. also has to play Ohio St. and Wisconsin, but does swap Penn St. for Indiana. Michigan gets the best of the crossovers as they obviously have their protected game with Ohio St. but the other two crossovers are Illinois and Purdue. The crossovers certainly favor Michigan, but Michigan does have to play at Nebraska. For Michigan St. the challenge will be trying to win in Ann Arbor and keep their winning streak against the Wolverines alive. Conventional wisdom would put Michigan in the title game, but I am riding the proverbial hunch with the Cornhuskers. I think this is a big year for Bo Pelini and something tells me he will have his team ready to answer the bell. No Big Ten team had a toughest schedule last year and that experience will prove valuable this year.

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