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Return to Glory

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wide Receiver Ge'Shun Harris Kicked off Football Team

Gophers wide receiver Ge'Shun Harris was kicked off the football team Thursday as a result of being charged with financial transaction card fraud. The charges stem from Ge'Shun being accused of making $800 of purchases on a stolen credit card he obtained from a bag at MSP airport. To Jerry Kill's credit, he immediately dismissed Ge'Shun from the team. The Star Tribune also points out that a review of court records indicate Harris having been charged with two misdemenor theft charges in Ramsay and Hennipen County.

A quote from Jerry Kill was "Based on our team policies and the way we run our program Ge'Shun Harris was immediately dismissed from our football program. Every member of our team is well-aware of our expectations of them and how we enforce our team policies."

What this means for the Gophers?

Honestly, this is not a huge deal from the perspective of Gophers on field performance. Ge'Shun arrived in January 2011 as a JUCO recruit from Arizona Western College. During 2011, Ge'Shun played in five games and caught one pass for 28 yards. In fact, I did not even factor him into the Gophers key players at the wide receiver position in my earlier post. Personally, I am glad to see that Jerry Kill is running a tight ship. It is disappointing that so much of coaching has turned into babysitting, but without that oversight it can leave quite a stain on a program (cough cough Buckeyes cough) excuse me and my cough. Here is hoping Gopher players can stay off the police radar for the forseeable future.

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