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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gophers Football Scholarship Breakdown

I know that the chart is quite small, but if you right click and save the picture down to your computer you will be able to zoom in and see everything much clearer. The chart is just a standard jpg file. I could e-mail anyone a pdf copy too if they are interested.

What stands out to me in the chart is that our senior and junior classes are so small, only 11 remaining senior scholarship athletes and 14 junior scholarship athletes before the 4 JUCO's Kill brought in with the 2012 recruting class. . This is not surprising because many of Brewsters recruits failed to stay in the program, which highlights what a significant rebuilding job Jerry Kill had in front of him. I think it was sound strategy by Kill to fill in the junior class with those 4 JUCO's because it helps smooth out the wide fluctuations. The bottom line is we have to realize that our 2013 recruiting class will be small simply because we won't have many scholarships available. The good news is that hopefully as we look down the road to 2014 and 2015 we will be loaded with upperclassmen that should hopefully lead to some competitive football. In an upcoming post I will dive into this scholarship spreadsheet in more detail to analyze what positions are areas of strength and weakness.  I will say right now I am very excited about the level of depth and talent we have across our offensive line!

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